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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Perseid Meteor Shower Peak August 11-13, Moon-Free View August 17

For a bit of light in the darkness, look up until August 24th to see the Perseid meteor shower (pronounced "per-see-id"). The peak is August 11-13, where there will be an average of 75 meteors passing overhead each hour. highlights that while the peak understandably gets a lot of attention, because of the moonlight the best time to skywatch for this event might be August 17th, when there won't be moonlight outshining the meteors.

Also, just as with any skywatching event it can be ideal to make the most of clear skies whenever they avail themselves.

More of's tips can be found here.

Happy skywatching 🌠


Thanks to Reddit user mudgts for the head's up. 

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