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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Part Two of Four Lunar Eclipses in a Tetrad

(Note: This page will be updated periodically until September 28, 2015)

     This morning thousands of skywatchers around the world had their heads up staring at a unique moon, watching the beautiful lunar eclipse.
     Honestly, I haven't been so excited to get up before six in a while.
     Last time our family was driving home form an event and saw the moon about half darkened with an orange hue at the time (though we didn't have a camera on hand), and this eclipse was the second of four in a lunar tetrad, meaning we have another two more to go in a set of four consecutive total lunar eclipses. 
Thank you for a perfect moon.

Here is the lunar eclipse schedule as stated by NASA.
(from )

Click on the date to learn more about what time it will be ion your area when the eclipses start. If you have an electronic calendar such as one on a phone, you can also set a reminder for a couple days earlier to make sure you can get out and see at that time.
This is one of those special  occasions when being down on Earth is one of the most inspiring places you could be.

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