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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whisper to the Wind

So I have a thing for the wind. Its capricious beauty affects so much physically within an ecosystem, and its unseen and almost spiritual nature is also captivating for those who stop to listen.

In the summer of last year I had the joy of painting kids' faces and working at a skulls and furs booth, as a volunteer at the Kortright Centre for conservation's 2015 Wind Festival. The Kortright Centre is a beautiful raw gem in Southern Ontario that children and their families connect with nature, and nurture respect and love for the environment and our natural heritage.

The wind festival had lots of nature-themed booths and activities for families, and next year I hope to attend as a visitor (and bring my kite!)

Here is a throwback post to a poem I wrote many years ago. It's a chidhood thing, but it feels like t still has a place here if anywhere.

Whisper to the Wind

Take the path up a mountain, Untrodden trail through forest green.
A journey that must be taken To see the things unseen.
Walk the path of time, Winding mysteries of the past.
"I must continue walking" Til I'm finally there at last.

This journey to be taken By those who wish to connect.
Something done whole-souled, Not a journey to be pecked.
You must swim against the current, and go against the norm.
Stick to the way of nature, with instinct’s natural form.

Answers at the summit, Connect and whisper to the breeze.
To hear the tales of nature, And the stories of the trees.
The whispers in the wind Tell the stories of the Earth.
Dancing with the waves, Sing their gentle songs of mirth.

Sailing with the stars, Flames of heart and light.
Lurking in the shadows That hail to their might.
Learn to speak with the wind and hear the cries of the air.
Harmonize with it’s whistles, See beauty no longer there.

Absorb how to revive Joyous sparks once afire;
Teardrops of the sky for the situations dire.
Live the real life With the life all around.
Learn to sing what is gone Back to our Earthy ground.

Be the peaceful past, Bring it to the times now.
Restore what has been lost For it is all what we allow.
An eternal whisper to the breeze, Connection never to part.
Re-tell the stories of the wind With the echoes of the heart.

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