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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

On the current Plight of Koalas

Image source: images
of confused koala after discovering its home has been cut down

The article attached to this photo explains that this koala survived and is ok. She had suffered some injuries and was taken to an animal hospital where she is in much better condition.

Also, in correction of a previous post, fortunately the report in November 2019 that koalas are "functionally extinct" was erroneous. Though they do still need our help, to be considered "functionally extinct" a species must fall within the criteria below:

1. The population is so low that they no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem. Eg. There are so few they don't put significant dent in what they prey on

2. "A population that is no longer viable", or there are none left able to produce.

3. "Finally, functionally extinct can refer to a small population that, although still breeding, is suffering from inbreeding that can threaten its future viability".

Although the label of "functionally extinct" was erroneous, it did come from the very real sitaution that they are in trouble.

If you would like to donate to help koalas specifically, Living With Koalas has put together a nice list of charities to help them:


Written 2019-10-21, Posted to sister blogs NN and L~W 2019-12-17, edited 2019-12-20, 2020-01-05, 2020-07-19

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