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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Canada Geese (Spoken Word)

The geese at night.
This is my version of tradition.
It has been a hard year like many others, but as I lie in bed and hear the familiar cacauohany of flocks of Canada geese on the lake I feel my heartbeat slow.
This sound is what I call home.
Even if someday I cannot live in this place, I will feel I belong beside the sounds of all the voices of dozens of geese all talking at the same time on their journey to fly away to a more hospitable place.
Canada geese will take my heart with them, where it is safe.
So no matter how harsh the winter, or how much our lake will freeze
They will tow this heavy heart made lighter by warmer currents in the breeze
And by their teamwork;
By the flock leader creating a lift through their wings,
Lifting hearts and let them sing.
They take the colder part of my heart somewhere warmer for the winter without fee.
Beloved Canada geese, with all your loyalty do have a wonderful journey
As you follow the earlier sunshine.

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