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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pre-Spring Navigation Updates

Spring is approaching fast and it has been a while since my last NatureNimbus post but it has been even longer since my last Project Noah one so I added some of those and this is just an update.

Project Noah is a website where citizen scientists around the globe can share original photos of wildlife including plants, animals, fungi and 'other', comment and favourite photos, and help fellow nature-lovers identify certain species. It is a great online community with lots of experts, so if your're looking for a place to browse share, and learn about wildlife, Project Noah just may be the thing you're looking for.

You can browse my recent posts by clicking on "Project Noah" at the top of the page in the navigation section under the site name, and here's a sneak peek to a few more that I will be posting next:

     You also may have noticed the new "Lunar-Winds" links as well. Not too long ago I started another blog  for more personal and artsy stuff, Lunar-Winds, but even if less frequent the science-related posts will continue here here on Nature Nimbus. 
     Until next time!

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