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Friday, 26 December 2014

Introduction to 'Head, Heart & Hand'

Here is a sneak peak to an essay I am starting:

Often we are drawn to stories because they illustrate a conflict that we experience; those are the stories that seem to speak to us. In stories that written and read or experienced by people in personal lives, often there is an internal battle being waged between the head and the heart, or between power of reason and power of emotion. Nevertheless, the strongest characters are most often the ones that have the most personal motivation to overcome the most plaguing of conflicts. Revolutionaries must have facts to support their cause, however the most memorable is not necessarily a quantifiable piece of  evidence they presented, but people often remember and are inspired by a revolutionary's passion and conviction in the way they advocated for a cause outside him or herself. In a movement a harmony of facts and feelings creates the stronger current, and the greatest changes can occur when feelings and facts are in harmony. In the environmental movement this can be seen in many ways including respect for forces of nature, artistic expression, curiosity, and a love of living things.

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