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Friday, 7 February 2014

Mid-winter Mysteries

Hi all, I'd like to call out to fellow explorers for some help identifying some species in Southern Ontario (especially arthropod/plant experts), Below the pictures are their Project Noah links so feel free to make a suggestion on the site to have it linked to your account if you have one, or if you'd like to create an account.

Unknown spotting
Spotted February 5, 2014 (

Identification: Ichneumon Wasp (Ichneumonidae)
This new friend was what really spurred this post. My sister found this on insect the windowsill in the living room and we've been itching to know more about her and the specific species. She was about 1 inch in length, and the colour on her antennae gradiated from red to yellow at the tips with a subtle black band in between. It also has dark eyespots and thin pincers. He/she was walking very slowly and wasn't seen flying (only cleaning him/herself) and appeared to drink water straight form the tiny puddle we put in a can lid.

Unknown spotting Unknown spotting
#2 (flower plant): Spotted July 11, 2013 (
These flowers were dotting the side of a road in an industrial area. I was speedwalking with someone and couldn't stop for very long, but they were so lovely I just had to snap a couple photos with a cell phone. 

Unknown spotting
#3 (green insect): Spotted July 12, 2013 (
This green insect was spotted about  on a mulberry in my backyard. Its crest, colour, and shape kind of reminds me of a chameleon.

Thanks for taking a look!

     - Melody

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